WWII Marines Ready Recruitment Sign


Replica of  a WWII Marines Ready Recruitment sign used during WWII.
12 x 18 Color Print on Aluminum Road Sign

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Our 12×18 Replica of a WWII Marines Ready Recruitment Sign. This sign is a great piece of wall art to hang in any garage, office, workshop or man cave.

This specific sign was used to help recruit and enlist Marines during the war.

Wartime Propaganda Posters from WWII are some of the most iconic art work ever created. These vintage designs were used to fight the war by promoting patriotism back at home and were used to help to sell war bonds, control the propaganda war, and consolidate and shape public opinion.

These types of signs and posters were often hung in post offices, government buildings, railroad stations, schools, and retail stores. The Office of War Information (OWI) Bureau of Graphics was the government agency in charge of producing and distributing all American propaganda posters and signage.

Our 12 x 18 signs are made from painted white .040 aluminum sign blanks topped with a full color vinyl print. These signs are made to last and are perfect for any property; they can be easily mounted to any road sign mounting poles or on to any wall, fence, garage, or solid surface.

All our signs are made here in the U.S.A in our shop. We don’t outsource anything to China!


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